Supporting Documents Outline


  • Support Letter from Doctors
  • Previous Assessments
  • Prescriptions
    • If you've already paid for prescriptions make sure to keep receipts

Medications: Children are covered under parent's treaty until 18 months old. Between 12-18 months they may need a temporary number. Call the Drug Exception Center: 1-800-580-0950.

Medical Equipment: is often covered by NIHB. Check with equipment rental facilities. They will need a doctor's prescription, and check the list of all eligible equipment on their website. Government of Canada.


  • Denial Letter from NIHB
  • Dental Treatment Plan
  • Summary of the cost
  • For orthodontics, try appealing the decision first. (Denial should have appeal instructions)


  • Support Letter from Teacher
  • IPP (Individual Program Plan)
  • Previous Assessments 


  • Have you already spoken to band's housing?
  • Need a letter from housing as to why they cannot help. (Funding, wait times, etc...)


  • If on income support, ask them for assistance.
  • Check food banks and charities 

Respite Care

  • Have you contacted Family Services for Children with Disabilities?
  • Letter from Doctor/assessments


  • Have you contacted band transport?

Child Family Services/DFNA

  • Legal guardian MUST sign consent form. If in care, the Case Worker is the legal guardian.
  • Why is family services unable to provide this service? We must get a letter from them explaining.