2020-2021 Annual Report Art Contest

November 15, 2021 

The First Nations Health Consortium expresses its gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all artists who participated in the 2020-2021 Annual Report Art Contest. We were impressed with the artistic impressions of “Making it Happen...Making it Matter”.   

As with endeavors like this, the decisions are never easy to select the award winners.  All submissions were reviewed and assessed against key criteria with a focus on the illustrative quality and its fit within the report design.   After careful deliberation and in accordance with the contest rules allowing FNHC full rights to use the art in the annual report and other publications and communications, we are pleased to announce the results of the 2020-2021 Art Contest.  

Angelina Ross:               1st - FNHC - Enhanced Service Coordination Annual Report Cover 

Alivya Johnson:              1st - FNHC - Service Access Resolution Fund Annual Report  

Maria Feather Farahat:    2nd - FNHC - Enhanced Service Coordination Annual Report

Chataya Holy Singer:       3rd - FNHC - Enhanced Service Coordination Annual Report   

We are also pleased to announce the other art submissions selected for use in the FNHC Enhanced Service Coordination annual report:  

Michelle Soto 
Monica Thom 
Oshana Christiansen, nee Brave Rock 
Philip Haynes 
Roxy Boucher 
Sandra Wiltzen   

The First Nations Health Consortium wish to thank all Artists for participating in our 2020-2021 Art Contest. 


Original signed by 
G. Barry Phillips 
Chief Executive Officer 
First Nations Health Consortium

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