How do I access services?  

CALL TOLL FREE: 1 844 558 8748

You will be connected to an Access Worker who will gather demographic information and will obtain a consent form to complete the intake process. An Access Worker can also provide the families with information of available resources to meet the child’s need. When the intake process is completed a Regional Service Coordinator (RSC) will be assigned to your child’s file. At the direction of the family, the RSC assists with identifying existing and available provincial and/or Federal programs/resources.If there are gaps in services, or if the need is above normative standard(s), they will support the family with the Substantive Equalities Questions that will need to be answered. Once all the information/supporting documents are gathered, the application is sent to the Regional or National Focal Points for review/decision. If the application is denied, there is 1 year to appeal the application decision. It is important to acknowledge that families consent to participate and work with an RSC to meet their child’s needs. If a family chooses to discontinue the process, they may do so at their own discretion. All families are welcome to contact FNHC in the future to request support in accessing services for their child.

When can I call? 

Our toll free line 1-844-558-8748 is available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Should you need to leave a voice message, please provide your name and a phone number, and your call will be returned within the same business day.

Who can use the First Nations Health Consortium services?

All Albertans can call the on behalf of First Nations & Inuit children and youth. The FNHC team shares knowledge of existing resources across the province. This allows us to not only connect First Nation families to service providers, but to all individuals requiring resource links.

Who Is Eligible for Jordan’s Principle funding?

A child under the Age of Majority in their province or territory of residence can access Jordan's Principle, if they permanently reside in Canada and are: A First Nations child registered with Treaty Status living on or off reserve; A First Nations child entitled to be registered with Treaty Status; or An Indigenous child, including a non-status First Nations child who ordinarily lives on reserve.

Our Children... Our Passion

The First Nations Health Consortium will provide:
Jordan’s Principle – Enhanced Service Coordination; the link between the child and the needed programs, services, supplies, supports and equipment.