What we do!

The First Nations Health Consortium helps connect First Nations and Inuit families to social, education and health care services to ensure First Nations and Inuit children’s needs are being met.

How do I access services? 

Call the toll free number:     1 844 558 8748

Ask to speak with an Access Worker, the Jordan's Principle Access Worker will take your basic demographics and a brief synopsis of what the happenings for you or the family you are calling on behalf of . Once the Access Worker has collected all the necessary data and has a completed consent form signed, then there will a Regional Service Coordinator assigned to assist the family or organization.

The Regional Service Coordinator will then help to connect the child and family to the services and supports needed by evaluating any gaps in services or supports and work with the provincial and federal governments to adjust them when necessary.. The Regional Service Coordinator assigned to the case will work with the families until the gaps in services are adequately met.

Families consent to participate in working with an RSC to meet the needs of thier child(ren), if at any point the families wish discontinue they may do so at thier own discretion, knowing that they are welcome to return should another need arise. 

When can I call?

Our toll free line 1-844-558-8748 is open 24/7

However, should you get voice messaging line, someone will get back to you promptly, as we pride ourselves on our quick, efficient and professional services.  


Who can use the First Nations Health Consortium services?

All Albertans can call the on behalf of First Nations & Inuit children and youth. The Jordan's Principle Child First Initiative applies to individuals from newborn to their 18th birthdate. A parent, guardian, or professionals like a teacher, dentist, doctor, counsellor, and such can call in support of the the child or youth they may be advocating for. 

Our Children... Our Passion

The First Nations Health Consortium will provide:
Jordan’s Principle – Enhanced Service Coordination; the link between the child and the needed programs, services, supplies, supports and equipment.